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Iryna Barda ( Iryna Bardakova)actress of movie, soap –operas(The Company of Heroes, Death to the Spies, Hand for Happiness, Two Sides the Same Anna. ( in detail filmography of download-resume)

Iryna Bardakova (Iryna Barda)

Date of Birth 06.01.1983 

Place of Birth Ukraine

Languages Russian (native), Ukrainian (native), English (fluent), Polish (basic),

Italian (elementary)

Height 173

Eye colour Grey-Blue

Hair colour Blond

Residency Kiev, Ukraine



2016 New Lease of life

2016 I am with you

2014 Meanwhile Cossack village sleep

2011    The Dance Of Our Love

2011    Fire Crosser

2011    Return of Mukhtar - 7

2011    Efrosiniya

2010    The Route Of Mercy

2010    Road Cops

2009    The Third Is Not Given

2009    The Territory Of Beauty

2009    By The Law

2009    Two Sides Of Same Anna

2008    Lucky Arm

2008    Own People

2008    Bogun. Lawyers’ Investigations

2007    Death To The Spies!

2007    Love Cannot Be Forced

2007    The Guardian Angel

2007    To Understand. To Forgive

2006    The Adventures OfVerkaSerdyuchka

2006    She-wolf

2006    BringVeraBack

2006    Bohdan – ZinoviyKhmelnitskiy

2005    Corpus Delicti

2004    Tatarian Triptych

2004    The Legend OfKoschei, or Search For The Other End Of The World

2004    AnIronSquadron

2002    TheLoafers

Iryna -  the master of  ceremony

Constitution Day, Europe Day, the day of human trafficking, Friendship Festival, a day of farmers. Spend events for companies such APC, LucoilKiyv Energo, British Council in Moscow, Kyiv Cigar Club, URSA, Microsoft, Olimp, King, shares the Employment Service, 50th anniversary of human space flight in Ukraine, the Day of Astronautics, the celebration of 66 - anniversary of VictorySanofi, Slavutych, New Year's gangster party 2011,  New Year  party in the Ukrainian style 2011

Leading events: Constitution Day, Europe Day in Ukraine, event for  United Nations, Day of Agriculture, Victory Day, the 50-th anniversary of the first manned flight into space.

The host festivals, fashion shows, parties, conference, private holidays, fair. Iryna Barda leading corporate parties for King, Olympic, APC, URSA, Microsoft, Slavutich, Kievenergo, Kiev Cigar Club, National Space Agency.

Also provides training in public speaking and acting.


About Me
Iryna Bardakova
Stage name - Irina Bard
Date of Birth - January 6, 1983, Ukraine
Nationality - Ukrainian. But are mixed as Russian, Polish, German.
Height-173 cm, weight 56 kg, the parameters - 90 -65-95, clothing size-S, shoe size- 38
Eye color - blue-gray, celadon
Hair - long before the blades, blond, light brown
Education - National University of Theatre, Film, Television named by Karpenko-Kariy
Professional Activities - actress, presenter, trainer
Hobbies - rafting rivers, traveling, psychology
Skills - driving, riding
Vocal - Soprano
Dance - classic dance, belly dance, Yoga
Play the  musical instruments - piano, pipe, a little guitar

work until 2015 circus Academy in Kiev